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The Tale of Bay View Farm, Hawaii

Bayview Coffee Farms owes its exclusive tastes to hard work, persistency and the never ending desire to produce the most powerful yet pleasant coffee. In their quest for a superior Kona coffee, Grandpa "Dale" Young, Andy Roy, and his wife, Roz took on the challenge in 1984. Since then, the adventure of acquiring the sheer elegance of gourmet coffee has taken on a new meaning.

Andy and Roz began their journey for the perfect Kona Coffee with an elderly couple who had a passion for growing coffee. They taught Andy the intricate details of growing the cherry bean. In order to do this, Andy convinced Roz that to live in a coffee shack in the middle of the lava fields surrounded by coffee plants to be romantic. Today Roz describes it with a knowing smile as like living in the early nineteen hundreds; no running hot water and when it rained, the shack stood on shaky ground. Undeterred by the inconveniences, Andy worked and listened to every word the elderly couple shared with him. Many words of wisdom were passed on; from the positioning of the moon to the amount of water each plant needed. Nothing was considered trivial. Since then, Andy and Roz are still searching the world to improve the best cherry bean and the best method yet to be discovered.

From the South American coffee power brokers of Brazil and Costa Rica, methods of perfecting the taste were learned. Coffee production is much more than planting. Total quality control from the beginning to the end must be observed. This could only be done with Andy and Roz taking the reins of growing the coffee plant to packaging.

The plant must be nurtured. The right soil, rich in volcanic content; the right temperature, warm in the mornings, cool in the afternoons and gentle showers to caress the bean with added nutrients; picking the bean at the "right" time...the bean must be silky red. Milling, curing, and drying the bean must be done under the "right" conditions. After the bean has been cared for, the Master Roaster adds in the finishing touches to a masterpiece.

The Master Roaster of Bayview Farms is trained in the most stringent and meticulous ways. From preparing the roaster to reaching the exact temperature, he roasts only 25 pounds of beans at a time. The Master Roaster makes sure that the bean is gently turned constantly to ensure even roasting. With watchful eyes, he frequently checks for color consistency and allows the bean to acquire its personality, yet is careful not to allow the bean to go wild. The aroma must awaken the soul and the color must be pleasing. When he has completed his art, the bean is carefully cooked to be packaged immediately to further preserve the freshness of the coffee.

What arrives to you are coffees that transcend the delicate yet powerful tastes of the gourmet Kona.